Seatow-Lifejackets6 Tips to Get Kids Involved

Here are some ideas to help get your children, grandkids, nieces and nephews involved in your boating lifestyle. Obviously the responsibilities will need to be age-appropriate. And be prepared to add new tasks when they’ve honed their skills at the first assignments. You don’t have to tell them that they’re learning responsibility and teamwork, but rest assured they will be getting some great “teachable moments.”

Get their help in creating a pre-launch checklist. If they had a hand in putting it together, they will be especially vigilant about checking for the appropriate number of life jackets, test the battery charge, and always verify a properly secured drain plug.

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DSC 8685How To Choose The Right Wakeboard

There are lots of aspects to consider when choosing a wakeboard. Options include:
1) where you buy it (board shop or Internet)
2) board length (too short or too long can affect your ride)
3) cost (based on your skill level and goals)

But having lots of choices will ultimately make your wakeboard-buying experience as much fun as a day on the water.


Key things you need to decide: Some choices (length, for instance) affect several other components such as weight, so expect to make some tradeoffs along the way. That’s especially true if you get your heart set on a certain graphic, because many times different designs go with separate board styles and may not be on the board that fits your needs.

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300867Tips For Boating In Shallow Water


One of the best bits of boating advice I’ve ever heard was from a crusty old fishing guide as we headed out of a marina near Key West, Florida. As we carefully navigated through the notoriously shallow waters, he pointed to a group of birds walking in the water only a few yards away from the tiny channel we were passing through. He said, “Never assume the birds have long legs.”
While you should always be aware of your surroundings when you’re at the helm, you should be on full alert whenever you’re entering an area with shallow or “skinny” water. Whether it’s an area that’s filled with boat-crunching coral like Key West or a muddy tributary to the Mississippi River, a cavalier attitude can get you grounded, stuck or worse. But with a little common sense and the following tips, you can boldly cruise skinny water with confidence.

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